LEAGUE RULES (updated 2014)



The name of the League shall be “The Uttoxeter & District Bowls League (hereinafter referred to as the League) and run as three Divisions known as Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3. and Tuesday Veterans Division 1 , Division 2


Membership of the League shall be open only to those clubs affiliating to the British Crown Green Bowling Association. (Hereinafter referred to as B.C.G.B.A.)


All Clubs in membership of the League to be affiliated to a County Bowling Association and to have Indemnity insurance in force, and must produce evidence of same to the Management Committee if, and when requested.


The Officers of the League shall be the President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary/Secretaries, all to be elected at the A. G. M. of the League.


The League shall be managed by a Committee, with executive powers, consisting of the Officers of the League and two  representatives of each club in membership of the League but only one representative may vote on a motion.   Five members of the Management Committee shall be required to be present to form a quorum.   The Management Committee shall meet in the months of March/April/July, September and October and when called upon by the Executive Committee during the playing season.   All clubs to have one delegate at all Management Meetings   Any club failing to comply will be fined £5.00.


An Executive Committee consisting of the Officers (named in Rule 4) of the League together with one representative from each division of the League who will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.   No Club will have more than one person on the Committee.   The Executive Committee shall meet as and when necessary to act upon matters arising and will have control over all competitions and will have power to co-op where they think necessary.   The Executive Committee will have power to call a meeting of the League Management Committee should they deem it necessary.


The A. G. M. of the League shall be held in February of each year for the purpose of the election of officers and to receive the financial statement of the League.   To accept Clubs and Teams into membership of the League.   To discuss and vote upon notices of motion, such notices of motion to be submitted in writing to the League Secretary by November 30th, of the previous year and circulated to all clubs in membership of the League.   Acceptance or rejection of motions to be by majority vote.   Voting to be two votes per club.


The financial year of the League will be 1st January to 31st December.   The accounts will be audited by an auditor appointed by the AGM (or if no acceptable volunteer is available  then appointed from clubs in membership of the League in alphabetical order)  The funds of the League to be placed in such a bank as may be decided by the Management Committee                                


The fees for membership of the League & Competitions shall be decided annually at the A. G. M.   The honorariums to be decided at that meeting.   League dues for Club and team entrance fees to be paid before the start of the season.


A)   Registration of players


 Only players in possession of a bona fide BCGBA registration shall be eligible to play in  the League.


A list of registered players and their BCGBA registration numbers shall be prepared annually by the secretary of each club and be made available to the Match/fixtures Secretary before or at the League’s March Management Committee meeting.   Each club shall keep their list in accordance with BCGBA byelaws and it must be made available for inspection by a visiting  team, if so requested.


The names of additional players requiring registration during the playing season must be submitted to the Match/fixtures secretary together with a valid BCGBA registration number, prior to their taking part in a league match.   Players registered after the March Management Committee meeting will only be eligible to play in the team they first play for.


B)“Starring” of Players


Clubs entering two teams into the league must star * four players on the Registration list.

These players will only be eligible to play in the highest placed team (from the previous season).   Any exceptions will be at the discretion of either the management or the executive committee


Clubs entering three teams into the league must double star** an additional four players who will only be eligible to play in either the first or second team (from the previous season).  A club with two teams playing in the same division may not play any registered player more than three times against any opposing team in that division.


The responsibility for starring players shall rest with the respective clubs. The Management or the Executive Committee reserve the authority to review the “starred player” list and to reject any players name put forward and to substitute that player’s  name with another from the same club.                                                                          


C) No bowler should play on opponents green within seven days of a fixture unless also a member of the opposing club or where competitions override this timescale


D)    Players complying with all the above regulations shall be deemed eligible to play in the League.


E)    Ineligible Players


A club fielding a player who does not comply with any of the above regulations (for whatever reason) shall forfeit all  points scored by the said player and in the case of a doubles game shall forfeit all points scored by the said player and their  doubles partner.  In each case the game/s shall be awarded to the opposing team who shall get maximum points      (21-nil)     .


F)    A player who is a member of more than one club can only play for one club in League matches.



 Doubles 21 up. Singles 21 up.


Time for commencing League matches 2.00p.m. prompt (unless by mutual consent of both clubs concerned).   Scratch time for players not present at the start of the match to be 1 hour later.   No practice for visiting team.   Every effort should be made to conclude SATURDAY LEAGUE MATCHES by a reasonable time.   Where possible at least 3 games should be in progress at all times. i.e. 3 doubles, 2 doubles and 1 singles or any combination by mutual consent in order to complete matches by a reasonable time.


A team with no other option than to play their home matches on a Sunday is acceptable HOWEVER ALL AWAY MATCHES must be played on their opponents scheduled home day.


In League matches standard jacks shall be used and be provided by the home club.   Away teams to have jacks at the start of the match


To determine the position of teams in the League tables of a division, a total of 492 chalks, (4 doubles = 164 and 8 singles = 328) be played for in each match, a maximum of 252 to the winners and 240 to their opponents.   In the event of an end of season tie, the team with the lowest chalks against shall win.


(a) a system of promotion and relegation will normally be applied after the finish of each SEASON, when the final positions of the teams in the divisions are known.  The bottom two teams in Division one will be relegated to Division two. The top two teams in Division two will be promoted to Division one.   The bottom two teams in Division two will be relegated to Division three.   The top two teams in Division three will be promoted to Division two.


(b)  New teams entering the League will automatically be placed in the lowest division. This may be the only reason to vary the first part of this rule in regard to promotion and relegation.   Clubs changing name or moving to a different green will maintain their position in the League.


A team for League matches should consist of 8 players.   No team to play a match with less than 7 players.   (This facility is only granted to teams with a genuine player shortage in order that they may fulfil fixtures and can only be used three times during a season).   In the event of a team having less than 8 players the opposing Captain will choose those players required to complete the draw from down turned cards.   Any player thus drawn refusing to play in such games shall forfeit the points at stake.   Players drawn to play twice in singles games can only have their first drawn game which must be first game played on the green recorded for the purpose of best average result and result sheets must be marked accordingly.  No alteration to Result Sheet or Cards to be made after the original draw has been made.   A team of 7 players shall be penalised and deducted 20 chalks, by the Results Secretary/Secretaries, prior to their total score being recorded ,for the purpose of league tables.


All results to be in the hands of the Match/fixtures Secretary not later than 5 days after the match.   All defaulters to be fined £2.00


Results sheets not correctly filled in. Home team to be fined £2.


Any fixtures clashing with Annual Holiday dates etc. must be re-arranged before the commencement of the season.   The team asking for the alteration to the fixture will be responsible for agreeing the alteration with their opponents and notifying the Match/fixtures Secretary of the same. Emergency alterations to fixture dates must be notified to the Match/fixtures Secretary and relative Club Secretary direct and not via a third person, (only one emergency alteration allowed to any one team).   Teams whose Club has commitment to other Leagues will have their home fixtures arranged on Saturdays, wherever possible, but if their greens are not available for Uttoxeter League games it will be the responsibility of the home team concerned to re-arrange the fixture with their opponents and notify the Match/fixtures Secretary before the start of the season.  All fixtures to be completed on or before September 30th.


Postponed matches to be arranged and played before or within 30 days of original date. All postponed matches to be notified to the Match Secretary. Notice of postponement for any fixture (other than that caused by adverse weather on the day of the match) to be given by the team asking for the same, to the other club concerned not later than 12 noon on the Thursday prior to match date.


Abandoned matches due to adverse weather or other cause to be played / completed within 30 days of the original fixture date


Where no agreement can be reached to rearrange a match within the 30 day rule, then the match must be played A.S.A.P. Any match not played within 30 days, both teams shall forfeit 50 points in the Saturday League and 30 points For Tuesday League.


In the event of any Club withdrawing from the League for any reason during the playing season all matches played by them shall be void and the League Table altered accordingly.   A player from a club which has withdrawn from the League and wishing to seek registration with another club within the League must seek permission of the Management Committee whose decision is final.


All players to be suitably dressed, i.e. shirts or blouses to be worn at all times during matches.   (Vests and tank tops are not suitable attire).


Captains to referee and be responsible for measuring ends.   The Home Captain to have privilege in organising the order of play.


The teams winning each Division of the League shall be awarded a Trophy and a prize, the value of which shall be decided by the Management Committee.   The Trophies to be held by the winning teams for 12 months   The teams who are runners up in each Division of the League to be awarded a prize, the value of which shall be decided by the Management Committee.


A trophy shall be presented, annually, to the player with the best aggregate within a division and is awarded a prize to the value of which shall be decided by the Management Committee. The player with the best singles aggregate at the end of the season shall be determined by chalks scored.   The player with the highest number of chalks scored shall be deemed the winner.   In the event of a tie the total away chalks of the players concerned shall be taken, the player with the least chalks against shall be deemed the winner.   In order to be eligible for consideration in the competition players must have played in at least 80% of matches (rounded up to highest number).A bowler who has a walkover in the match will be awarded a score of 21 – 11.   This is to be for best aggregate only.   The Result sheet is to record the score of 21 – 0 and to be clearly marked “W0” to indicate a walk over, before being sent in to the Results Secretary.


Catering arrangements for League matches to be left to the teams concerned


The League will run such competitions as the Management Committee shall decide upon. The rules and fixtures to be decided by the Management Committee  League trophies awarded to the winners of such competitions to hold same for 12 months.


All League Trophies presented to winners to be kept securely and in good order.   Any damage or loss, incurred whilst in the custody of holders to be made good and the loss/repairs paid for by them.  Holders to return them to the League Secretary at the September Management Committee meeting There Must be 8 entrants to run a competition


No lady member of the League may represent the League on the Management Committee of any County.Bowling.Association, in the event of same being an all male body.


Special General Meeting of the League may be called if requested by two-thirds of clubs in membership.   Such requests to be made in writing and reason stated.


These Rules are not intended to cover every situation but are a basis on which to run the League.   Any matter not covered by these rules to be referred to and decided upon by the Management Committee or Executive Committee who shall be the sole interpreter of such rules.


All Clubs in membership of the League to be supplied with a copy of the rules.   Any infringement by anyone to be reported to the League Secretary and dealt with by the Management Committee or Executive Committee


All Clubs in membership of the League must make their greens available for competitions.   Greens to be decided upon by Management Committee on a rota system


Competitions to be played on a Sunday with the exception of the Frank Crutchley Cup and Albert Keates Trophy




Any team/player having a problem or grievance must inform the League Secretary and follow up in writing stating same which will be dealt with by the management Committee or Executive Committee.   The Complainant may attend such meeting.


COMPETITION RULES (updated 2012)


All competitions shall be open to all players registered with the League.   Entrants must have played at least 3 games in the season before entering any competition or played at least 30% of games in previous season.


Entrants will be allocated to greens and a full draw on each green will be made from those present at the stated scratch out time.


No substitutions will be permitted in singles competitions, but one of a pair in doubles competitions will be permitted, but once played no substitution will be allowed,


Any player competing on a green where he/she is currently a member shall owe as follows: 1st round 3 points,  2nd round 2 points and 3rd round 1 point. Games to be 21 up throughout.



Where a competition is to be held on more than 1 green there should be as few home players as feasible                                                                                                                            


League trophies will be awarded to the winners of each competition and to hold same for one year.   Any damage or loss incurred whilst in the custody of the holder(s) to be made good, and the cost of the loss/repairs paid for by them.


Prize money and value to be decided by the Management Committee


In the event of prizes not being collected by the winners at the Annual Prize Presentation Evening, any money’s may be donated to Charity at the discretion of the Management Committtee.


Trophies to be returned to the League Secretary on or before the Management Committee meeting held in September  Failure will render a £5 fine being imposed and until payment the holder(s) at fault will be suspended from playing in the League.


The League will run a Singles Competition for the A. Keates Trophy to be held by the winner for 12 months.   It will be open only for players aged 55 years and over at the closing date for entries to be in.   The Management Committee will decide rules for the competition.


Frank Crutchley Cup.


"All member clubs shall pay a mandatory fee of £5 to enter a team in this competition, whether they play in it or not. Additional teams may enter at a cost of £5 per team.

This shall be a team competition consisting of 10 named players (8 plus 2 reserves) played on 2 pairs away and 2 pairs at home, highest chalks scored to decide the winner, and in the event of a tie then, the team with the highest away chalks shall be the winner.


Two scorecards shall be marked for each game played in all competitions, as per B.C.G.B.A. rules.


Measurers shall be appointed by the Management Committee to officiate on finals day only.


The Management Committee shall appoint someone to act as referee on finals day only.




The division shall operate under the above rules with the exception and variations listed below.


All players registered with the League shall be eligible to play in this division on attaining 55 years of age


Matches shall be played on a Tuesday’s unless by mutual consent of both clubs concerned.   Re-arranged matches must be re-arranged at the fixture meeting



Players registered to play for a club in the Saturday League may register to play for another club (provided that he /she is a bona fide member of that Club) in this division.


Rule 11 shall be varied as follows:


All match’s to be played in according to B.C.G.B.A. rules and shall consist of 4 singles and 2 doubles games.   Doubles 21 up,  Singles 21 up.   A team shall not consist of less than 6 players.   The time for commencing matches shall be 2pm unless by mutual consent of both clubs concerned.


The singles games shall first be played.


Where a team consists of less than 8 players taking part in a match – only the lowest scoring singles player(s) shall be allowed to play again in the doubles.   Should more than the required number of players to make up the doubles have equal scores then those chosen to play will be made from down turned cards, and in the event of all four singles players winning, only those whose opponents have the highest scores shall be chosen for the doubles.   Where only 6 players take part, 2 players having played on the green, shall not play together as a doubles pair.


Rule 13 shall be varied as follows:


To determine the position of teams in the League tables of a division, a total off 246 Chalks, (4 singles = 84 and 2 Doubles = 42) to be played for in each match, a maximum of 126 to the winner and 120 to their opponents.   In the event of an end of season tie, the team with the lowest chalks against shall win.


The teams winning each Division of the League shall be awarded  a prize, the value of which shall be decided by the Management Committee.